Reply! Click Marketplace Coverage & Clarifications

Thank you again to everyone that helped launch the Click Marketplace yesterday–it was a huge success. We are thrilled by the exposure it has provided to Reply! and look forward to more coverage.  Here is a recap.

  1. Lead Marketwatch – great coverage, understands the offering
  2. Kelsey Group Blogs » Seeks Out Qualified Traffic For SMBs
  3. LeadCritic Blog Coverage
  4. Washington Post (TechCrunch) –
  5. CBS Marketwatch – Launches World’s First Marketplace for Enhanced Clicks(TM)
  6. Geek Estate Blog – Reply Releases a Marketplace for Enhanced Clicks™

I would like to address some of the issues raised on the above blog posts, as there may be some confusion regarding what the Reply! Click Marketplace offers: introduction of an extra page, impact to Google’s quality score, target market.

Most online advertisers have consumers land on some type of a landing page after clicking on a link.  To use the Reply! Click Marketplace, we aren’t asking companies to change their customer acquisition processes in any manner.  Today, due to poor geo-targeted capabilities in Google and Ad Networks, we believe many companies buy traffic outside of their serviceable areas, while other companies are willing to increase their online advertising spend in specific geographies where they aren’t getting enough traffic.

Reply!’s Click Marketplace can assist in two ways:

  1. Once an advertiser determines the traffic falls outside their serviceable area through their normal acquisition process, we allow them to pass some basic information about the click (click type and location), redirect that click into a real-time CPC auction, and convert that unmonetizable traffic into premium revenue.
  2. Reply! launched a vertical PPC platform similar in concept to Overture, but using categories–not keywords or text ads–to transact clicks. This simplification is critical to eliminate the need for complex and expensive online marketing infrastructures and large teams of expensive online experts.  The Reply! Marketplace allows advertisers to purchase category-specific clicks, after consumers have indicated the product or service they are interested in and identified the geographic area where they are located. This “Enhanced Click” dramatically improves geo-targeting, because the consumer tells us where they are located.  With increased control and geo-targeting, advertisers can profitably move offline advertising budgets online, and move existing online budgets to where they will generate higher return on investment. Our goal is to make Internet marketing easy and profitable for businesses of all sizes.

Regarding Google’s quality score: we thoroughly tested the Click Marketplace process through our own online acquisition channels and the associated conversion funnels of search, ad networks, SEO, affiliates, SMS, and email.  Google quality score was not impacted.  Advertisers are not changing their conversion flows in any manner and, therefore, consumers are not hitting the back button any more often and going back to Google to conduct another search. What any advertiser does with a click–post acquisition–is up to them.

The point is, until now, only the most sophisticated businesses–with significant investments in technology and personnel (bid management, keyword expansion, analytics, quality filtering, etc)–could make online marketing through search engines and ad networks profitable.

Regarding the target market, there are numerous lead generation and service-based companies (think Yellow Pages or Classifieds) that acquire consumers through some form of a landing page. Many of the largest vertical markets require personal contact (either face-to-face or by phone), such as automotive, real estate, mortgage, home improvement, insurance, education, etc. As online advertising continues its market share gains at the expense of traditional media, dollars will shift from IYP and classified advertising to performance-based marketing, and these companies need viable solutions that make online marketing simple and profitable. We offer those companies the ability to maximize their revenue by easily purchasing clicks for specific products or services, in a precise location. This will dramatically reduce their non-serviceable clicks, reduce their investment in time, and increase their ROI.

For more specifics on the ClickMarketplace, please check out
For more information on issues with geo-targeting, please check out


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