Leads Work, When Worked

Why don’t leads close? Is it the lead buyer not properly working the leads, or is it the leads themselves? I believe the answer is, “Both.” Some of our clients tell us our leads were a waste of time, while others depend on us to hit their monthly sales targets and are very profitable. Both are right, depending on how leads are called and nurtured.

The lead provider has two responsibilities: setting the right expectations and offering controls for the buyer to segment. It is the provider’s job to communicate that Internet leads need to be worked and, when a buyer closes 10 of 100 leads, the other 90 will never transact. It is the provider’s job to explain the follow-up process that is most successful when applied to Internet leads and discuss that lead validation is imperfect, so the lead buyer understands invalid leads are part of the game. Ultimately, it’s the provider’s job to send leads that are intentful.

Assuming the right expectations are set, the buyer has the responsibility for Continue reading


New MLS Service – HomesDatabase

  The largest Multiple Listing Service system, MRIS is launching a beta MLS called HomesDatabase.  For now, only homes in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. are covered (DC, Pennsylvania, Maryland,  Northern Virginia, and parts of West Virginia). Their goal … Continue reading